Ferrari 488 GTB with small touches

Ferrari finally announced 458 Italia`s successor called 488 GTB. In general I am very satisfied with design, but I had to add few small touches. You can see painted roof and front spoiler in black and black mesh on side intake. Side profile looks much more cleaner which I wanted to achieve with these adjustments.

Here is second render showing roof and front spoiler painted in black.

Garage interior for Ferrari 458

My friend from Germany ordered preliminary design and renders for his garage where he keeps his Ferrari 458 Italia. Main request was to design and organize lockers where he can store his spare pair of wheels, bicycle and all other necessities regarding car.

Light in lockers turns on automatically when garage doors are opened.

Epoxy flooring in matte grey.

Bicycle is kept in place with wall holders.

Red panels are finished in glossy red color.

Easy access to bicycle even when car is parked.

Spare pair of tires are kept on moving platform behind glass doors.

Quick and easy way of changing tires on moving platform if needed.

McLaren P1 Special F1 Livery

Currently I am developing special Formula 1 livery for McLaren P1. According to agreement with client, I cant show you more than this teaser render. Rear end is very specific since I`ve managed to incorporate ending lines that are present on McLaren F1 livery.

Porsche 918 Gulf Livery

Few weeks ago, a good friend from automotive forum, who is waiting for his 918, asked me to make few renders. He was wondering how would Gulf livery look on 918. Here is one teaser render. I hope you like final result!

2015 Porsche Panamera Coupe

I`ve imagined Porsche Panamera Coupe as derivate of future Panamera. It should be 928 successor, so we could expect front-mounted engine, AWD, comfortable rear seats and decent luggage room. When it comes to engines, Panamera Coupe should be offered with diesel, petrol V6, petrol V8 TT and as hybrid.

Porsche Panamera Coupe with B-Pillar

Porsche Panamera Coupe without B-Pillar

Porsche Panamera Coupe without B-Pillar - Opened hood and trunk door

Ducati 1199 Superleggera Tricolore Nero

My friend asked me to make a Tricolore Nero livery for his future bike, Ducati 1199 Superleggera. He required that the new livery must fit with factory design, so that the final result looks like factory made. Since he liked my Tricolore Nero for 1199 Panigale, I had to incorporate well known black areas with all additional adjustments.

Porsche Macan S in white with SportDesign wheels

I was playing with options for new Macan and I came up with my favorite combination - White color and amazing SportDesign wheels from Porsche 991 (currently these are not available for Macan).

Martini livery for Porsche 991 Turbo S

Famous Martini livery was present on almost all generations of 911. Its time to show my vision how it should look on new 991! I will not bother you with massive description, so those who are interested will notice tricks that I`ve used to make this livery work for 991 shape ;)

Audi A1 Quattro in yellow

I`ve been tempted with very cool styling of Audi A1 Quattro, but all models were produced in white, so I`ve decided to present this little beast in stunning yellow color.

Ducati 1199 Supercorsa

Few weeks ago, George Villar approached me with preposition to create him renders that will present his livery titled as 1199 Supercorsa . He had very clear design ideas so we had enough time to discuss about every visual detail that will be placed on bike. Since George like to use his bike on track, racing version of same livery was created with numbering & few extra touches!

These renders are made for Ducati & Bimota collector George Villar with his imputs on overall design. They are not for commercial use or resale through paint shops.

Race version

Road version